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The projects of the Choice Architects focus on making choices and taking action. Projects may address the challenge of ‘making choices’ or ‘taking action’ individually or together as an integrated challenge. A typical Choice Architect project follows 3 steps centered around 3 key questions:

1. Research: What is the biggest challenge?

>We work directly with the end-users to discover the biggest challenge they face to activate new behavior.
The Choice Architect projects and approach are carefully tailored to the needs of the client organization and the end-user. We work together with our clients to define the target group. The target group is usually either the final customer of the client organization (for example: patients with a specific condition) or those working to provide the client’s services (for example: health care professionals and volunteers in the care sector). We work together with the target group to define the primary challenge faced by them. Methods used are interview, observation and desk research.

2. Conceptualize: what are the possible choices and what is the logical relationship between them?

>We keep it simple.
Using the research we reduce the problem to its core elements so everyone involved can focus on the essence. This reduced model can be subjected to feedback by the end users. Offering insight into choices and options can sometimes be enough stimulation to activate new behavior.

3. Design: what design motivates people to choose?

>We design for action.
The Choice Architects stimulate new behavior by designing choices in such a way that people intuitively choose the optimal option. We do so using existing research on behavior and design. Human behavior is based not solely on rational decision making, but often on (a series of) intuitive actions. Cognitive theories show that a combination of visual, audible and text stimuli will improve information processing and understanding. Text is more effective to gain knowledge and deeper understanding. Imagery speaks more to intuition and appeals to human emotions. When the project requires, and to ensure the best result for our clients, we will partner with design and production specialists to provide the most effective tools for change.

To realize sustainable behavior change among the target group it is essential to carefully design an implementation strategy and use the right channels. This too is included in the research, and part of the support we provide for our client.

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