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Consistent with our premises we offer a range of creative, intuitive tools. Every concept is tailor-made to address the problems of a specific client and/or end-user. A comprehensive research phase, to determine inhibitions and triggers, before the development of any of these creative tools, is therefore standard.

Clients and end users alike may feel paralyzed when faced with all the possible options, knowing they have to make a decision to reach a desired goal. By simplifying, structuring and visualizing choices it becomes easier to see what an optimal choice would be. We develop infographics, in print as well as online versions, including interactive tests.

Web-based applications
By offering online tests, end users can more easily identify which choices are relevant to their personal situation, and use the solutions offered to them to make changes in their behavior.

The client and/or end user may lack expertise/knowledge to know how to get to their goal. Animating complex problems in a simple, step-by-step way will help them understand their situation and change their behavior accordingly.

The client and/or end user may not fully understand their own problem, or how different choices would contribute to a more positive outcome. Visualizing the same problem with others, will help them relate and understand their situation and possible solutions. This will motivate them to apply the solutions themselves.

Comprehensive all-in-one solutions
Decision making is about choosing ánd acting; people often run into problems with both. When using an all-in-one approach we offer both a tool providing insight into the problem as well as a tool to give people a final nudge in the right direction. For example, the “Improved-living-with…” project: besides a clear animation, a week chart has been designed for patients and health professionals to track progress made.

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