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Patients suffering from cardiovascular disease often feel like they don’t have the ability to choose their own treatment plan. It is difficult for them to determine which health and lifestyle choices are most appropriate for their situation. Doctors get frustrated when patients don’t adhere to the prescribed treatment plans, even though it may very well improve or maintain their health.



The tool

The Choice Architects and the Hart & Vaatgroep are developing a tool to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. This tool centres around the intrinsic motivation of the patient, meaning that he or she thinks about life goals and how health can contribute to these goals. This results in the formation of health goals, which will serve as a base for consults about the treatment plan.

 The outcome

This tool helps the patient to gain insight in what their life goals mean for their health and to direct conversations with doctors. The doctor can use the tool as guiding directions for the first consult and it will help the doctor to effectively choose a treatment plan appropriate for the patients’ personal values. As an end result, consults will be handled more effectively, leading to better patient care.



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