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In most health care systems, clients have to fill out tests to reach a diagnosis. For many these verbal questions are hard to answer. The underlying assumption being that people know how to express their feelings and thoughts. To simplify these tests, we developed the Visual Screeners: digital questionnaires made out of a mix of illustration, animation and voice-over. A client can choose from a series of pictures which one suits their situation and feelings best. It’s intuitive and enables fast recognition and emotional connection, suiting those who have no academic schooling background. Extensive, scientific validation of the test looks promising. The Visual Screener is designed by agency Koeweiden Postma and is a co-development with the Trimbos Institute, Utrecht.

> Partners: Trimbos Institute Utrecht, Koeweiden Postma
> End users: Patients in Dutch mental health care
> Creative Concept: Visual screener

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