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  • Prevention of sport injuries

    The Choice Architects are going to be part of the project ‘’Prevention of sport injuries’’ of Veiligheid NL, in collaboration with De Atletiekunie, De Nederlandse Ski Vereniging, NOC*NSF and the Weekbladpers. This project aims to recreate an existing digital tool, designed to offer tailored advice about injury prevention towards beginning athletes (running or winter sports).


  • Informational tools about hearing disabilities

    The Choice Architects are, in collaboration with Platform Doven, Slechthorenden en TOS, developing an informational tool for people who suddenly lose their hearing ability (target group 1) and for people with hearing disabilities who are considering a cochlear implant (target group 2).


  • Volg Je Hart (”Follow Your Heart”)

    Patients suffering from cardiovascular disease often feel like they don’t have the ability to choose their own treatment plan. It is difficult for them to determine which health and lifestyle choices are most appropriate for their situation. Doctors get frustrated when patients don’t adhere to the prescribed treatment plans, even though it may very well improve or maintain their health.


  • Brilliant Failure Award

    The Brilliant Failure Award is a reward for projects that failed but have nonetheless resulted in some valuable lessons learned. The Award is an initiative of the Institute of Brilliant Failure in close cooperation with the Choice Architects. The mutual goal is to stimulate transparency and learning from failure. The Award has been organized for 5 consecutive years in the health care sector as well as in the international development cooperation sector. The team of the Choice Architects has played a major role in involving key partners, recruiting brilliant failures, bringing lessons learned into perspective and organizing the events.


  • Visual Screener

    In most health care systems, clients have to fill out tests to reach a diagnosis. For many these verbal questions are hard to answer. The underlying assumption being that people know how to express their feelings and thoughts. To simplify these tests, we developed the Visual Screeners: digital questionnaires made out of a mix of illustration, animation and voice-over. A client can choose from a series of pictures which one suits their situation and feelings best. It’s intuitive and enables fast recognition and emotional connection, suiting those who have no academic schooling background. Extensive, scientific validation of the test looks promising. The Visual Screener is designed by agency Koeweiden Postma and is a co-development with the Trimbos Institute, Utrecht. (more…)

  • Improved living with…

    People with a chronic illness can do or avoid doing many things to improve their quality of life. Elderly people often revisit their doctor with the same complaints: usually because they didn’t follow the medical prescriptions. Through our in-depth interviews we found out that one of the reasons is that they do not understand their own condition. A doctors explanation is not comprehensible for everyone. This results in insufficient understanding of the (severity of) their condition and the need to follow medical advice. We developed a short animation explaining swollen leg issues to help patients cope better with their condition.


  • Infographics for an independent, happy life

    The older you get, the more choices you have to make to maintain a happy, independent life. Is my house suitable for when I’m older? Am I eligible to receive care at home? To increase awareness amongst the elderly about the choices ahead, we created a number of infographics. These have been published in the Espria membership magazine and online with an interactive section. By answering a number of questions you can find out wether or not it is time to start taking measures: “You are always entitled to receive care at home when your medical situation requires it”. Subsequently a number of options are presented to make the necessary changes and to contact the experts in the field. (more…)

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