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Life is about making choices and making choices can be challenging. Through an ever increasing number of options you lose sight of the overall picture; you postpone making decisions or make a choice which isn’t optimal. The Choice Architects help to simplify the decision making process and design creative tools that motivate you to act. So people can choose what they really want. We do so using visual and intuitive elements which often play a role in the decision making process.

The Choice Architect projects focus on two types of challenges: making choices and taking action. The goal of The Choice Architects when addressing either challenge is to empower the target group to make pro-active decisions for lasting lifestyle changes.

Making Choices We empower individuals by simplifying complex situations and clarifying choice options. We design tools that present this simplification and clarification in a way that intuitively motivates individuals to make a choice. Tools that empower thoughtful and pro-active choice making.

Taking Action We empower the target group by simplifying and clarifying a course of action. A course of action can be triggered either by an explicit choice of the individual or by following a fixed (official) procedure. We design tools that both support individuals to take the first step and maintain the focus and discipline to change their behavior.

The Choice Architects are active in a number of different fields. Read more about our projects.

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